Tethered drone station that provides high power to UAV for unlimited flight time. It is a reliable and autonomous continuous flight system for most UAV models.
  • Ground Unit Size: 80x52x40cm
  • Air Unit Size: 22x8,5x4 cm
  • Air Unit Weight: 500g
  • Cable Length: 300 m
  • Output Voltage: 24 v
  • Output Power: 1500W
  • Voltage Input: 220V AC, 50Hz
High altitude
Thin wire and high voltage allows you to fly on UAVs up to 300m above the ground, and an intelligent algorithm will keep the wire in the necessary tension.
Safe flight
The flight converter integrates with the battery through the safe BatMon module, which balances the battery and provides power to the UAV through the battery if power from the ground is interrupted.
Unlimited flight time
Your UAV will fly as long as necessary. The duration of the flight is limited only by the life of your UAV and weather conditions.