BatMon is a light, efficient and safe power management module. Ready for use in adverse conditions due to it's unique optical port technology and providing extreme autonomy for a drone in combination
  • 6 cells LiPo/LiIon/LiFe (HW customizable for 3-15 cells)
  • Current: up to 90A (continuous)
  • Data port: optical (IR)
  • Self heating/cooling: up to 10A heater/cooler
  • Size: 45x68mm
  • Mass: 15g
  • Extras: 5 indicator LEDs, 1 "Check" button, Adjustable "self-discharge for storage" function.
Self discharge for storage
BatMon features an adjustable self-discharge function, preparing the device for a long-term storage. This provides a customizable balance between better battery health and an instant availability of a fully charged battery back, when you need them 100%-charged at all times.
Self heating/cooling
Temperature control before and during flight allows to make most of battery capacity, even in adverse weather conditions.
Optical port
No more mud-covered faulty connectors, optical port on BatMon provides a reliable and stable connection even when exposed to dust, water, dirt, or when a battery's improperly connected.
Custom configurations
Manage a pack of up to 15 LiPo/LiIon/LiFe batteries and any discharge current. A fantastic freedom for custom configurations!
Get full information about your battery in the field with a small BatProbe gadget. Keep batteries safe, warm and ready to perform instantly with the BatCase.
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