Swap, charge and store UAV batteries, manage payloads. LandSpot is a reliable and autonomous landing station with a smart modular design. Easily fitting in a boot of sedan, it can be deployed anywhere within less than an hour.
  • Size: 1500x1500x100mm
  • Weight: 80kg
  • UAV landing gear size: up to 800x800mm
  • Battery size: up to 300x150x150mm
  • Payload size: up to 400x300x200mm
  • Battery chargers: 12-50V, up to 20A per battery, 4 slots
  • Battery temperature control (heating, cooling)
  • Control interfaces: USB, Ethernet
Fully autonomous. Available 24/7
LandSpot is ready to rock in a matter of minutes and needs no operator to control, it's really fully autonomous, ready to serve and recharge drones round the clock.
Mesh network
MicroAvia ground control system allows to manage scalable "mesh" network of LandSpot stations and UAVs to cover areas of any size with minimal battery swap delays.
Payload swap with integrated storage system
Deploy fully-automated long-range delivery network. LandSpot means longer distances, less hops and minimum delay on sorting.
Most of the dimensions for battery, payload and UAV landing gear can be easily adjusted with a few bolts and a software configuration. Your drone doesn't fit in — no problem, we are ready to make a custom design.