Mini is a lightweight copter optimized for long flight duration and distance and small payload. Commonly used in surveying, mapping and inspections jobs.
  • Size (diagonal rotor-to-rotor): 700mm
  • AUW (no payload): 3.0kg
  • Flight time: 45min without payload, 35min with 500g payload (camera, sensors)
  • Battery: LiPo 6S, 10000mAh
  • Payload options: RGB, thermal, spectral cameras, other sensors (up to 500g)
  • Onboard computer: NVIDIA Jetson TX2 for video encoding and computer vision
Highly autonomous
Autonomous as it is meant to be, Mini features a fully automatic battery swap on LandSpot. Landing marker camera for safe and precise landing even without RTK GPS.
Propulsion System
High efficiency ESCs with field oriented control technology (FOC) with perfectly matched motors and propellers. All rotor angles are fine-tuned for maximum efficiency and stability while cruising and maneuvering.
Battery management system
Mini relies on MicroAvia BatMon, а light, efficient and safe power management module. Battery has temperature control (heating and cooling) and thermal insulation for effective operation at wide temperature range: -40...+30°C. Safe and reliable optical port makes it a great option for uninterrupted outdoor use.
Wide range of equipment onboard
Atlas can handle up to 2 kilos of additional equipment, from cameras to specific sensors suitable for mapping, surveying, surveillance and structural inspections.