Payloads and

We develop and build unmanned aerial vehicles capable of completing a wide range of applications. We believe that apart from the efficiency of the aircraft itself, seamless and accurate data collection is your top priority. The true value of UAV systems comes from high-quality sensors to effectively collect decision quality data.

Geospatial Data Collection

Sensor payloads for drones unlock the next level of UAV efficiency. Our innovative solutions in terms of topnotch data capture open a brave new world of drone application both for industrial use.

Productive and Versatile Payload that Supports any Aerial Inspection

Drone Payload Microavia Z1

With its 30x optical zoom, image stabilizer and noise reduction options, Microavia Z1 is a perfect fit for any UAV. The camera automatically adapts to the light conditions to deliver crisp high-quality video. De-fog feature helps capture clear image in blurry weather. The camera is perfect for surveillance outdoors due to the stabilizer which minimizes the effect of any outisde vibrations including strong wind.

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Drone Payload Microavia T1

Microavia T1 thermal sensor is a unique industrial tool which operates smoothly in all weather conditions. It easily detects all the objects, even the fast moving ones, and delivers crisp shots with a close to zero noise level. With a 4x zoom one can safely capture data from afar without breaking any rules or regulations.

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Drone Payload Microavia P1

Benefit from the advanced technologies to get high-quality photos for a number of industrial applications including surveillance and QA inspection. The noise level in Microavia P1 solution is close to zero. For outdoor usage the cover glass is safely protected by a special tape.

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