Dynamic Range
60 dB
26.2 MPix
1.1”  GLobal

Your Fly-to Tool for Aerial Surveying and Photogrammety

Benefit from the advanced technologies to get high-quality photos for a number of industrial applications including  mapping, and QA inspection. The noise level is close to zero while the C-mount format provides high resolution. For outdoor usage the cover glass is safely protected by a special tape while the package of the camera is ceramic. With the armor level this advanced the camera is highly unlikely to be damaged.

Microavia P1 solution provides the best performance for advanced industrial use. It is a unique blend of technical innovation and tog-grade execution.


Dynamic Range
60 dB
SNR Ratio
74 °
15 Frames/sec
Shutter type
Global shutter
Lens mount
UDB 3.0
560 g

Go pioneer

Make benefit of our versatile technology solution to capture paramount-quality photos high from the sky without jeopardizing regulations or compromising safety in touch-and-go work environment. Microavia P1 camera provides data capture with no distortion or noise for more efficient industrial missions.

Enjoy flawless integration

As a flexible solution Microavia P1 is compatible with most UAVs and can be easily integrated in any drone keeping the full scope of its tech specs and features.

Collaborate with us

We aim at expanding the applicability and tech specs of our products while developing innovative technologies for UAV ecosystems. We believe in constant growth as a follow-up of R&D processes. Partner with us today to become part of our progress tomorrow.

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