<50 mK
4x digital

Capture Everything in True Color ot Thermal

Microavia T1 thermal sensor is a unique industrial tool which operates smoothly in all weather conditions. It easily detects all the objects, even the fast moving ones, and delivers crisp shots with a close to zero noise level. With a 4x zoom and premium lens quality one can safely capture data from high above the ground without breaking any regulations. Missions become easy and 100% safe for the operator. The weight of the thermal sensor is only 610 g and its operating temperature varies from -40C to +50C.


Pico640 microbolometer, Ulis
Spectral band
8-14 um
Thermal sensitivity
<50 mK (F/1, 300K, 30Hz)
Framerate (thermal)
25 Hz
Power consumption
average 1.5 W
Video encoding
PAL composite
Resolution (thermal)

Go pioneer

See the true colors of the environment with Microavia T1 solution. Its innovative thermal sensor turns T1 into an ultimate industrial tool which discovers the colors invisible to a naked eye. This device boosts situational awareness to the next level and improves safety with minimum risk for your staff during the missions.

Enjoy flawless integration

Microavia T1 is compatible with all major UAV solutions. Integration is a breeze. T1 delivers easy and seamless reporting performance with real-time and accurate data. We aim at making your life easier.

Partner with us

We keep ourselves up to date with all the latest technologies in terms of thermal sensors and their performance. Do not hesitate to partner with us and become part of our hike.

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