1920 x1080
Zoom optical / digital
30x / 12x
63.7 ° Field of View

Your Fly-to Tool for Aerial Inspection and Monitoring

The Microavia Payload Z1 provides a customizable drone imaging solution for all your inspection needs. Choose your drone, your camera, and your lens, from our selection, to get all the finest details in one shot.

Our cameras are uniquely designed for UAVs and are fast, highly responsive, robust, and easily integrate with your aerial drone for diverse inspection and monitoring missions. Microavia cameras are available with a range of lenses to ensure that your Z1 Payload gives you the best image quality and performance.


Operating temperature
-5 °C to +60 °C
Shutter speed
1/1 s to 1/10,000 s, 22 steps
Minimum object distance: (wide to tele)
10 mm to 1,200 mm
Zoom optical/digital
Horizontal viewing angle
63.7° to 2.3°
692 g

Go pioneer

Microavia Z1 is an ultimate solution for capturing clear sharp videos with a minor distortion rate. We make use of innovative technologies compatible with most UAVs. Z1 turns aerial vehicles into versatile industrial tools which arm you with a variety of high-quality data capturing options.

Enjoy flawless integration

Compatibility is key. Easy integration rate makes industrial missions with Microavia Z1 a breeze. We aim at making our devices customizable to the max so that you can fully focus on your performance without struggling with technical issues.

Partner with us

Use our imaging solutions to grow and expand. We follow all the latest technical solutions to keep our tech specs fully up-to-date and even ahead of schedule. Partner with us today to become part of our progress tomorrow.

And much more

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