About Us
MicroAvia has 7-year experience in building software and hardware solutions for drone industry. We were a major contributor of PX4 autopilot before moving on with our own enhanced autopilot and lots of other original projects.

  • Autopilot: firmware running on PX4-compatible hardware (STM32) and Linux/Mac OS, written from scratch (not just a fork of existing autopilot)
  • Flight control algorithms: multicopter attitude and position stabilization, missions
  • Attitude and position estimation: own implementation of EKF, which allows easy integration of custom sensors
  • Flight logs: ULog format (ported also to PX4) and "MicroAviaPlot" tool (formely "FlightPlot")
  • Simulation: "jMavSim" simulator, replaced by new build-in simulator with optional 3D visualization (using OpenSceneGraph)
  • UAV protocols: telemetry protocol with strong ecryption and authentication, legacy support of MAVLink for integration with existing software and hardware
  • Ground control station: web-based client/server software for UAV remote control, realtime video streaming, traffic monitoring, mission management. 3D maps engine on WebGL
  • Battery management system "BatMon": electronics for "smart battery", balancing, current/charge/temperature/voltage monitoring, heating/cooling
  • Landing station "LandSpot": battery and payload swap, battery management (charging, temperature control), electronics used for motors' control, and battery charging
  • Copter "Atlas": reference design for integration with "LandSpot", optimized for long-endurance cruising, up to 1 hour flight time (without payload)
  • Tethered copter: up to 300m(!) altitude with custom high voltage power transmission system.

Apart from that, we are using the following third party technologies:

  • Video: encoding/decoding on GPU (NVIDIA Jetson TX2, Raspberry Pi), integration with autopilot and data links with adaptive bitrate control, low latency optimization, h.264, h.265, VP9 codecs, integration with MIPI CSI-2 cameras
  • Computer Vision: marker recognition (Aruco), used for precise position estimation during landing
  • Data links: long range WiFi (up to 10km video streaming), experiments with "WiFiBroadcast" technology, customization of Si1000 radio modem (3DR Radio Telemetry), experiments with TI CC1352P